June, 2022

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Why take part in Dubai Olive Oil Competition?

This page is reserved for the winners of Dubai Olive Oil Competition

On your side we ask you just one thing, to produce a quality olive oil in order to remain among the best olive oils in the world and to win gold or silver medals every year

On our side, we will make sure to always choose the best juries, to make marketing more and more important, in order to help you sell your olive oils at the best price in the whole world

The juries of the Dubai Olive Oil Competition 2022

In each edition we try to make the announcements of the results better than the previous ones

For the June competition we will start editing now, because we want to release the results on live, so it is very important not to wait until the last minute to register and to send us your bottles

If you have already participated in our Early Harvest Edition, there is no need to send us your bottles, either for tasting or for marketing, as we have already taken care of storing your bottles properly for our next edition.


If we have made such a luxurious trophy, it is because it is an excellent marketing support, whether it is during international fairs, or exposed on a place of sale, the trophy attracts the attention of the customers and allows you to increase your turnover


The participation fee is 375 € by Brand
But since you are already a winner of the Dubai Olive Oil Competition, you get a discount of 200 euros per brand
The Gold or Silver Trophy will be offered to all winners

1 Brand


2 Brands


3 Brands


4 Brands


This edition takes place in Dubai.
This competition is open to everyone but only for extra virgin olive oils from the 2021 / 2022 campaign,
monovarietal and blend olive oils are allowed. (not flavoured)
The jury is international. 
We don’t need your olive oil analysis


Every entry submitted:
2 samples of 500ml
B) 4 samples for 250ml or smaller bottles

All samples should be shipped to the following address:
Dubai Olive Oil Competition
73 Allée Kleber 34000 Montpellier ( France)
+33 7 49 45 46 24


Samples must be received before June 2022



Tel: + 33 7 49 45 46 24