best organic olive oils competition

Best packaging award

JUNE 22 to 25, 2021

There are tens of thousands of olive oil producers around the world.

Among these thousands you are hundreds of producers to have won medals in international competition.

We have listed several hundred brands on our websites for several years, and the statistics are very clear,
the prettier the packaging, the more connections there are on the bottle.

The packaging of your bottle is now as important as the quality of your olive oil.
On the internet the packaging is even more important than the taste, because it is what will make customers stop by your presentation page and wishes to buy your bottle .

There is a lot of olive oil competition in the world, and yet there is very few competitions that rewards the efforts you make to differentiate yourself from others and make your brand as recognizable and unique as possible.

We have therefore decided to create this competition, which will reward the best packaging in the world.

If you want your efforts on your packaging to be rewarded, and your bottle to be presented to several hundred thousand people who connect to our websites , then register here


The participation fee is 100 € fore each Entry

Best PACKAGING Competition


All branded are eligible for participation for our packaging Competition.

Your Bottles must be ready to be sold to consumers.

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This edition takes place in Dubai.
This competition is open to everyone  
The jury is international. 


Every entry submitted:
2 samples 

All samples should be shipped to the following address:
Dubai Olive Oil Competition
Best Packaging AWARD
73 Allée Kleber 34000 Montpellier ( France)


we need to receive the samples before the 21th of June 2021.



Tel: 00 33 7 49 45 46 24