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Ancient Olympia, Greece. The birthplace of the Olympic Games.    Many of the traditions and customs that we see today remain unchanged since the ancient times. One of those customs that started back then was the adoration and love for the miraculous olive tree.    Ancient olympians would bathe in this glorious oil before a sporting event. They would consume it for a wide variety of reasons that we have fully comprehended only lately.    Olympians through the ages had worn olive wreaths on their heads until they got replaced by gold medals in the modern games. Instead of money, in the Panathenaic games, as a reward through sponsorships or a salary the ancient olympians would get a Panathenaic Amphora. A symbol of wealth and luxury in the older times. That would have been just a taste of what's to come. The rest of the awarded oil, meaning the entire harvest which was thousands of litres would be given to his family. Obviously it was too much oil for a single family to consume so they would in turn sell it off to get a huge income and elevate the family name.    So olive trees here are not just part of nature. It's part of a rich history we talk about today. It will still be talked about in another 3000 years.    Considering this we hope you can begin to comprehend how we value our olive oil in this part of the world. It's not just a means to survive. It's who we are as a people.