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At our family run olive oil business, ELAIKOS, we are passionate about olive oil. We select only the best olives to produce our Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our olive groves are located in and around small town of Nea Peramos on the North Aegean coast in Northern Greece. The olives are picked at the optimum time, in early October, then sorted by hand before being cold pressed. Our olives of the day are taken to the mill every evening and processed during the night, ensuring the very best flavor and goodness which is the hallmark of ELAiKOS. Our grandfather back in 1931, draw guidelines which we still follow incorporating with the latest knowledge and technology. This is ELAiKOS, an Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced from early harvest healthy green olives. A balanced Olive Juice very high in polyphenols which has intense aromas of freshly cut grass, tomato leaves and its flavor is moderately bitter and spicy.