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Olive Oil Sample For Dubai Olive Oil Competition 2 BRANDS
Olive Oil Sample For Best Packaging Award 2 BRANDS

This edition takes place in Dubai.
This competition is open to everyone but only for oils from the 2020 / 2021 
campaign, monovarietal and blend olive oils are allowed.
The jury is international. 
In addition to the medals, the winners will have the possibility of integrating our websites such as as well as for Italian brands, for Spanish brands etc.but also the stores which are currently being opened around the world


Every entry submitted DubaiOOC 2021:
 2 samples for 500ml, 750ml or 1 liter bottles
B) 3 samples for 350ml bottles
C) 4 samples for 250ml or smaller bottles

Every entry submitted Best Packaging Award:

2 samples

All samples should be shipped to the following address:
Dubai Olive Oil Competition
73 Allée Kleber 34000 Montpellier ( France)


We need to receive the samples before the 14th of June 2021.