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Martín de Prado is a family name, deeply rooted in farming and livestock tradition at Extremadura, located in the West of Spain, just in the border with Portugal. A perfect place for birdwatching. The mill is at the impressive city of Trujillo-Cáceres, just 2 hours from Madrid. Long and mild winters make olive oil elaboration perfect to achieve Martín de Prado´s desire of innovation and passion for quality and beauty. The commitment of bringing the best results in terms of high gastronomy and nutritious values obliges to an exclusive harvesting from our properties, so to control the oil from our trees all the way to clients, therefore, traceability is guaranteed. Olives are picked and cold pressed immediately, without chemical additives or any kind of further processing involved. Packaging into our classy dark bottles takes place in the utmost strict conditions of hygiene and ISO9001:15 rules as well as ISO14001:15,BRC, IFS and FDA requirements. When harvesting time comes, our olives never fall on the ground and branches are assisted but never beated. Carefully gathered and brought to mill, in Trujillo, olives are carried in shallow containers so they don't pile up too deeply and crush one another. Any damage to the olives can trigger oxidation and fermentation, which create an off flavor. Pressing occurs immediately after the harvest to avoid any chemical changes. Such attention is a critical step in producing a premium extra virgin olive oil. Then twigs and leaves are separated and we rinse olives in clean cold water to remove any dirt and a final rinse to catch any other debris are crucial before sending our olives to be crushed. At this point a wonderful smell of the highest quality oil fills the entire building. A horizontal centrifuge separates oil from water and solid material without adding heat or water to keep all of the antioxidants intact. Mono-varietal oils are never blended with other oils so to retain all the natural polyphenols and anti-oxidants. Such olive oils are robust and spicy and its aroma is mostly described as grass, artichoke and green tea with a hint of herbs. Our dark bottles protect the precious results from direct light, preventing from oxidization and rancidity