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I'm Antonella Meyer
Masciulli, owner of Mitera GmbH, am pleased to present you with these
lines, my project and my passion for DNA certified, pure olive oil of the brand MITERA from
primal varieties:
MITERA Mastoidis from Crete, Greece
Throumbolia from Crete, Greece
MITERA Rajo from Umbria, Italy

As a juror I have been working for many years for the SOP (Swiss Olive Oil Panel of the
ZHAW) as well as recently for the ONAOO (Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori Olio d'Oliva) and in this capacity I was allowed to visit a private olive grove in Crete in the summer of 2017, which consists primarily of thousands of years old olive trees of the variety Throumbolia and Mastoidis (today Tsounati). I was immediately fascinated and captivated by the magic of this place. Unfortunately the owner intended to cut down the trees because of low yields, to sell the wood, and to plant younger olive varieties, which promise greater resistance against pests and thus higher yields.

I founded Mitera GmbH in autumn 2018 and produce extra virgin olive oil with very high organoleptic and sensory parameters. My mission is to protect and secure the cultivation, preservation and economic value of the original varieties in their original cultivation are as. Together with my team from the fields of agronomy, ecological research and development, I have committed myself to this goal.

As early as spring 2018, enough farmers supported me with several hundred trees. Today, several of you have a contract with Mitera GmbH.

In autumn 2018, with great personal commitment, I produced two olive oils under the
MITERA brand, namely MITERA Mastoidis and MITERA Rajo, both on Crete and in Umbria.

The Cretan oil are clean and smooth on the palate, with a very harmonious blend of bitter, spicy and pungent of medium intensity. The taste of chicory, artichoke stems, herbs and fresh almonds is precise and persistently strong.

The Italian oil has the scents of walnut shells and fresh almonds; the scent of tomatoes, chicory and musk from the undergrowth is pronounced. The pungency is medium-intensive with notes of black pepper, the bitter is long-lasting and elegant.

In autumn 2019 the first production from the oldest Ursorte Throumbolia is expected to be realised on Crete. Like all my oils, this oil will then also be certified by the BioCos DNA Institute. For me, the purity and traceability of the products marketed under the MITERA brand is of the utmost importance, and that is what I stand for with my name.

Through my many years of activity in the olive oil business, I know my way around the
industry very well. I am not the only one who complains that many oils are sold at favourable prices whose origin is not traceable or is not declared transparently. Together with other specialists, I have therefore looked for ways to offer consumers security in this respect.

Consumers of MITERA oils therefore have the guarantee that they are buying a product that is not mixed with oils of other varieties. MITERA bottles contain exactly what is written on them.

Antonella Meyer-Masciulli