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Family Negri moved to Istria from the Italian city of Bergamo in the 16th century. The first member of the family Negri, a banker and businessman Antonio Negri, moved in Labin in year 1512., Since the arrival, family Negri enjoyed privileges and affection Venetian Republic. A great role in the history of Istria and Labin had Anthony's nephew, Giovanni Battista Negri, a knight of the Venetian Republic, as the commander of Defense of Labin and Istria borders. Coat of arms of the family consists of several elements; on the left side there is a Venetian lion, a symbol of belonging to the Republic of Venice, a hunting dog on the right side; symbols of fidelity and hawk as protector of the family. Hawk is on top of the olive tree located in the middle of the family coat of arms. A coat of arms is located in the atrium of the palace Negri in the old town of Labin, while others are located at the „Stancija Negri“, 6 kilometers away from Labin, where family Negri have one of their olive groves. The coat of arms itself tells us about the long tradition of processing of olive oil in family Negri.