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OLEOCAMPO Andalusian Cooperative Company was founded on 29 October 1994, and currently comprises three olive oil mills, Santa Catalina, San Bartolomé and La Unión, companies that go back more than fifty years in the production of extra virgin olive oil for bottling and marketing in Oleocampo’s history.

OLEOCAMPO’s olive oil mills were founded by agriculturists from Torredelcampo. Until that moment, agriculturists had their own oil mills. The beginnings of these cooperatives supposed the first step to get efforts forward to a common aim, reached to increase the number of partners year on year and at the same time, the volume of lands and olive oil production.

All are located in Torredelcampo in the centre of the province of Jaén, in the district of La Campiña Sur. Their olive groves, some of them centuries old, produce oil of the very highest quality under the care of their 2.000 olive-growing partners cultivating 7,437.84 hectares of olive groves, mostly under the system of dry cultivation without irrigation and growing the picual variety.