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Quinta dos Olmais is our organic farm, located in the historic upper Douro region of Terra Quente, our olive trees are organically grown on the hills and valleys of Vila Flor, a village of kings and farmers established as far back as 1286. Together with our younger olive trees planted some 30 years ago we have a selection of centennial trees, of the Cobrancosa, Verdeal and Madural varieties unique to Portugal, from olives picked at an early harvest we make this very rich, floral and complex extra virgin olive oil - OLMAIS. Organic, pure, cold pressed, unfiltered and not winterized, OLMAIS is a return to the origins of olive oil. This unfiltered olive oil is all at once fruity, green, herbaceous and floral. Layered with creamy flavors that linger. It presents green aroma followed by savory, green olives flavor with late and lingering pepper.