Oro Del Desierto

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Our brand of extra virgin olive oil, Oro del Desierto, is produced from organically grown olives using artisan techniques. Only the best olives are used to extract our olive oil. The olives are carefully selected and hand picked from different parts of the estate depending on their state of ripeness. The land is irrigated using the drip system and nurtured with natural organic materials. Special care is taken to ensure the soil is sewn and tendered in a way which respects young emerging fauna, prevents unnecessary soil erosion and encourages the natural diversity of the area. Furthermore, we have our own livestock on the farm who play an important role in the ecosystem of our farm. The Andalucian hens feed from the ground seeds generated by the plants on our estate and the Segura sheep and murciano-granadina gotas benefit from the organic waste left over from the production of our olive oil.