Tenute Librandi

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Our farm was founded in 1967 from Pasquale Librandi following a century-old familiar tradition. Out of a surface of 220 hectares, 153 are destined to the specialized olive grove with about 27.000 trees. To the experience and passion of Pasquale Librandi, five sons (three daughters and two brothers) added the competence and the knowledge for the innovation. We are based in South Italy, where the olive tree find the best conditions for his growth. We apply Organic Farming method from 1997 (Certified by Bioagricert). We collaborate with importants agriculture study centres: University of Florence – Department of Pest Management; CRA Rende (CS) – Oleiculture Experimental Center of Ministry of Agriculture. To produce our EVOO selections, we work by monocultivar: we harvest each cultivar separately and we produce organic monocultivar extra virgin olive oil.