Triomphe Thuccabor

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Thuccabor, a small ancient village, is located in the north of Tunisia on the uplands of Majreda river between the brigdes of Djbel Bousaid. Thuccabor, rocked by millennial olive groves, is built on an ancient city known for its remarkable monuments: the 10 cisterns of water, gates, and its fabulous “Arc de Triomphe”. Today, many traditions and customs have not changed since ancient times. One of these maintained traditions is our irrigation system 100% based on ecological buried clay jars. It allows our olive trees to satisfy their water needs using a 100% economical system. The Climatic conditions, 700 meters above the sea, combined with the soil drainage and the sun exposure, between two beautiful hills, make the perfect conditions for our family reserve to cultivate trees in an organic way. Thus, we obtain an emerald green 100% chetoui with an extremely high level of the antioxidant polyphenols, which offers a special freshness to salads, vegetables, meat, grilled fish and enhances your dishes with its intense chetoui signed Triomphe Thuccabor flavor.