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Tupercí Extra Virgin Olive Oil was born in the Eastern part of the Department of Florida, 3 miles from Casupá. There, among quartz-studded hills, at about 300 feet above sea level, winds the "Amarillo", a tributary to the Santa Lucía River. We started cultivation of several varieties of olive trees there in 2004, intending to produce only high-quality oils. The varieties finally chosen were Arbequina, Frantoio and Coratina, though as the planted area expanded we addded other varieties like Picual. In 2014 we built our own mill next to the groves, which allows us to select and schedule the moment of harvest, and to process the harvested olives within few hours, both essential factors to determine the quality of the oil. The local climate, the soil condition and the staff's commitment combine to make our dream come true: a family company with the ideal of producing olive oils extraordinary.